COVID-19 in French Polynesia

Entry and stay conditions in The Islands of Tahiti

Since May 1st, the Islands of Tahit have reopened their borders to travelers coming from the United States, and from June 6, borders are open to travelers coming from France, with the lifting of the compelling reasons between French Polynesia and France for vaccinated persons.

Important: registration on must be filed between 30 to 6 days the latest, prior to departure.

Vaccinated travelers are not required to quarantine. Children under the age of 18 can travel freely with a vaccinated parent or legal guardian.

For unvaccinated travelers and travelers who have not been in one of the approved countries* for a minimum of 15 days prior to departure, a boarding authorization must also be granted from the High Commissioner. Compelling reason for travel still applicable: Health, Family, Work. Tourism is not a compelling reason for travel.

* France and French territories (except Guyana), United Kingdom or countries listed as “green” (including United States and Canada).

Click on the visuals below to see the entire protocol. Please note that it may change in the coming weeks.

Additional Information :

Sworn Statement

All travelers will have to provide a Sworn Statement to submit to the rules relating to the entry on the territory. Download the Sworn Statement HERE to complete and sign. This Sworn Statement is to be presented to the transport companies as well as to the authorities in charge of border control.

Health Surveillance Fee

From July 20, 2021, upon obtaining the Etis receipt, travelers is required to pay a flat fee to cover costs associated with Covid 19 health measures.

This fee covers the processing of administrative and sanitary requests, Etis procedures, arrival tests and tracing of passengers disembarking in French Polynesia.

The amount of the fee will be tiered according to the type of traveler:

  • Vaccinated traveler 5 000 xpf
    • Vaccinated person 6 years and older
    • Non-vaccinated children between 6 and 18 years old accompanying a vaccinated parent or legal guardian
  • Non-vaccinated traveler 12,000 xpf
    • Unvaccinated person 6 years and older
  • Exemption
    • People under 6 years old
    • Student residing in French Polynesia – with supporting documents
    • Person returning from medical evacuation – with supporting documents
    • Accompanying person returning from a medical evacuation – with supporting documents
    • Flight attendants and health professionals, residing in French Polynesia, travelling for their professional activity with a stopover outside of Tahiti less than or equal to 7 days

RT-PCR self-test on arrival:

All travelers (from 6 years old) must undergo an RT-PCR self-test upon arrival, regardless of their vaccination status. A self-test kit with instructions will be given to them upon disembarking. The test can be performed  under the supervision of a health professional in a dedicated area at the airport from 5am and 10am. Outside of these opening hours, travelers must take their test on the day of their arrival and leave it at their hotel reception in Tahiti and Moorea or directly in one of the drop-off locations.

Antigenic tests at departure from Tahiti to the United States

For passengers departing to the United States requiring a negative COVID-19 test prior to boarding, the test center at the Faa’a international airport is reopened. A this stage, the center is open on days when flights to the US are scheduled from 3 PM until 8 PM.

In order to expediate your boarding process for your return flight to the United States, you may also pre-register for your antigen test and avoid a potential wait prior to departure. At least two days before return to the United States, you can contact departure@ilm.pfwith your last name, first name, date of birth and your file number obtained upon your arrival in French Polynesia (found on the label affixed to the back of your passport).

Full details can be found here

From French Polynesia back to France

Travelers from French Polynesia are exempt from entry restrictions in France. This system could evolve according to the sanitary situation.

Test ; Vaccines ; Etis ; Sworn Statement ; Self-test

All travelers aged of 12 years and older must provide:

  • proof of a negative RT-PCR test (any RT-PCR test listed on this FDA site is allowed) carried out less than 72h prior to their international air departure.
  • or proof of a negative antigen test allowing for the detection of the “N” protein of the SARS COV-19, carried out less than 48 hours prior to the flight to French Polynesia.

All molecular tests proposed with the abbreviations below* are accepted:

*RT-PCR = reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction;
*RT = reverse transcriptase ;
*RT-LAMP = loop-mediated isothermal amplification;
*TMA = Transcription Mediated Amplification;
*Isothermal amplification;
*STAR = Selective Temperature Amplification Reaction.

Please note that Antibody, Self-Testing, Home Testing or Rapid Tests of any kind (other than the accepted Antigen Test that allows for the detection of the “N” protein), including rapid RT-PCR tests such as the Abbott ID NOW are not accepted by the Health Authorities of French Polynesia and aircraft boarding will be denied.

The results of this test (RT-PCR or antigen) must be negative and will need to be presented to airline staff upon check-in prior to boarding the flight to French Polynesia.

No boarding will be allowed if the test is positive.


Travelers are considered fully vaccinated by the French Polynesian authorities if they have completed one of the following vaccine schedules or have received two shots combined of either Pfizer, Moderna, or Astra Zeneca :

– Comirnaty (Pfizer) 2 shots
– COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna 2 shots
– COVID-19 Vaccine Astra Zeneca 2 shots
– COVID-19 Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine 1 shot

The deadlines to be respected between full anti-COVID 19 vaccination and departure:

  • 7 days after second dose for Pfizer, Moderna and Astrazeneca or combined vaccines
  • 28 days for the Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine

Sanitary entry form (ETIS

After a negative test result, each adult must fill out an ETIS request online on the dedicated platform ( between 30 and 6 days prior to departure mainly agreeing to:

  • Declare health status:
    • You are vaccinated: as of August 10, it is no longer necessary to make a Health request. Complete your ETIS request directly.
    • You are not vaccinated: 1. Declare your compelling reason and make your Health request. 2. Complete your ETIS request.
  • Commit to respect the health protocol;
  • Have travel insurance or personally assume all expenses related to cost of care including hospitalization, confinement, or repatriation, should the visitor fall ill during their stay;
  • Provide information about the stay in French Polynesia (except for residents) : itinerary, inter-island transport, accommodation (e-mail contacts / telephone / dates of stay);
  • Pay the health surveillance fees.

The Etis request is to be completed online on the dedicated digital platform  [Electronic Travel Information System].

Once completed a receipt with an ETIS number will be issued by email;

Travelers must also receive a boarding authorization from the High Commissioner. The ETIS platform is the gateway for obtaining the necessary travel. Document must be completed within 30 and 6 days prior to departure.

A printout of this receipt and boarding authorization must be presented upon check-in together with the test results in order to be able to board the flight to French Polynesia and all documents will need to be presented upon arrival at Tahiti’s Faa’a international airport.

The  printout receipt of the health engagement form is to be kept with the traveler at all times and in all places during their stay in French Polynesia.


All travelers will have to provide a Sworn Statement to submit to the rules relating to the entry on the territory. Download the Sworn Statement HERE to complete and sign. This Sworn Statement is to be presented to the transport companies as well as to the authorities in charge of border control.


All travelers (from 6 years old) must undergo an RT-PCR self-test upon arrival, regardless of their vaccination status. A self-test kit with instructions will be given to them upon disembarking. The test can be performed  under the supervision of a health professional in a dedicated area at the airport from 5am and 10am. Outside of these opening hours, travelers must take their test on the day of their arrival and leave it at their hotel reception in Tahiti and Moorea or directly in one of the drop-off locations.

Self-test kit will also be provided to all children under 18 years old (included unvaccinated children from 6 years old traveling with a parent or a legal guardian who is vaccinated or not). This is an oral and nasal test that they must perform themself, on the 4th day and the 8 day of their arrival, on the date indicated on the envelope containing an information note as well as a self-test kit with instructions to follow. Carry out the both self-test kit to be deposited :
– At the ILM center or at a health center;
– at the reception desk of your accommodation.

Statement from Tahiti Tourism : August 11, 2021
*conditions are subject to modifications


As part of the fight against the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus in French Polynesia, the High Commissioner and the President of French Polynesia announced the new measures in place to gradually lift restrictions applicable from Monday September 20th to Monday, September 27th, 2021.

  • The Islands of Tahiti’s borders are still open and commercial flights will continue to operate. As such tourists are welcome to travel to our islands as long as they comply with the existing entry protocol and the new measures in place in some areas of the territory. For the moment the flight programmes of international and domestic airlines remain unchanged.

  • Regarding the new measures of movements and activities applicable from Monday, September 20 to Monday, September 27, 2021 :
    • The curfew is still in place from 8 pm to 4 am daily in French Polynesia. The travel authorisation for the curfew is available on the High Commission’s website.
    • The weekend lockdown is maintained for the following Society Islands: Tahiti, Moorea, Raiatea, Huahine, Tahaa, Bora Bora and Maupiti. It will start at 2pm on Saturday. The “weekend lockdown” travel authorisation is available on the website of the High Commission.
    • International tourists on the islands under weekend lockdown orders will be allowed to:
      • travel to and from the airport or the ferry terminal (with the travel authorisation available on the High Commission’s website).
      • enjoy freely their place of lodging as long as they stay within the property. Activities respecting current health measures are allowed within tourist accommodation. Activities in a designated area in the lagoon in front of tourist accommodation (beach, snorkelling, swimming, paddle boarding, etc.) are permitted.
      • leave their accommodation for professional or health reasons or for essential goods purchases (with the travel authorisation available on the High Commission’s website).
    • The lockdown measures do not apply to the Tuamotu Islands, the Gambier Islands and the Austral Islands (since the lockdown is lifted on these islands) as well as the Marquesas Islands.
    • International visitors who have an itinerary that includes a change of accommodation on the same island or in another island can travel (with the travel authorisation available on the High Commission’s website).
    • Tour companies  may re-open and are subject to limit their tours to 50% of capacity.
    • Nautical charter and pleasure cruising may resume in the islands and are not subject to travel restrictions and lockdown, with respect for barrier measures.
    • Cruising from Papeete to the islands may resume. Stopovers are forbidden on weekends in the islands subject to the lockdown measures.
  • Regarding domestic travel from Tahiti or Moorea to other islands:
    • As a reminder,  international visitors aged 12 or over who are fully vaccinated can travel from Tahiti or Moorea to other islands, as long as they can provide a proof of vaccination to the carrier.
    • Unvaccinated minors aged 12 or over traveling with a vaccinated adult : They will be required to provide a negative test result – antigen or auto test result performed under the supervision of a health professional within 48 hours of departure or RT-PCR test performed within 72 hours of departure. This test can be performed at the Tahiti airport, at the ILM open from 3 pm to 8 pm at the cost of 1 500 XPF. This test can also be performed in a pharmacy (costs vary).
    • Visitors traveling between two islands of French Polynesia and who are transiting through Tahiti or Moorea without leaving the airport are not affected by these measures.
    • International visitors under 12 years old travelling with a vaccinated adult can travel freely from Tahiti or Moorea to other islands  (no vaccination proof, no compelling reasons and no negative test to be provided).

Statement from Tahiti Tourism : September 17, 2021
*conditions are subject to modifications

For All Travelers coming from the United States

In order to prevent the introduction of new strains of Covid-19, to eradicate Covid-19 completely, to protect the local population and to provide visitors with the best possible vacation experience, the re-opening of the International borders, are subject to the conditions.

If entering French Polynesia from the United States, only persons from the US, Canada, France, EU countries, United Kingdom, Israel, Lebanon, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, South Korea or other “Green zone”* countries, who have been in their Green zone country for the preceding 15 continuous days, and residents of French Polynesia on their return flight, may be accepted for boarding.

If entering French Polynesia from an “Orange Zone” country, irrespective of nationality, they must be in the United States for the preceding 15 continuous days prior to their departure.

Must Have Documents for Airport check in are :

  1. Proof of vaccination with the CDC vaccination card.
  2. The ETIS approval.
  3. The negative RT-PCR or antigen test result.
  4. The “Sworn Statement” document.
  5. Valid Passport.

Note that random checks to verify the proof of vaccination may be done on arrival.

No quarantine on arrival needed.

For travelers who :

  1. Have already been infected by Covid-19, or
  2. Are not vaccinated or
  3. Have stayed less than 15 days in the US, Canada, France, EU countries, United Kingdom, Israel, Lebanon, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, South Korea or other “Green zone”* countries irrespective of nationality:

    Mandatory quarantine is required upon arrival for 10 days in Tahiti at the expense of the traveler in Government assigned properties. (Except for 1. returning students, 2. residents who are returning medical evacuees and their companion, and 3. those who have recovered from Covid-19 and have been fully vaccinated after 6 months of recovery).

In order to find a certified Covid-19 testing facility, you may want to check the following web sites :

Prior to departure (returning to the United States only)

Beginning January 26, 2021, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) requires all passengers 2 years of age or older on a flight to the United States, regardless of their immunization status, to present at check-in :

  • A negative result from a Covid-19 viral test carried out within 3 days prior to their international flight;

  • or, in the case of a previous Covid-19 infection within the last 3 months prior to departure, a positive viral test result, along with an official letter from a physician indicating that the passenger has made a full recovery and is authorized to travel.

  • The CDC Covid-19 test required is a viral test of any of the following:
    o The test must be a viral test. The following types of viral COVID-19 tests can be used: Nucleic acid amplification tests (NAAT) In addition to NAAT, phrases indicating a NAAT† could include, but are not limited to: • Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) • Quantitative PCR (qPCR) • Reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (RT-LAMP) • Transcription-mediated amplification (TMA) • Molecular test or molecular diagnostic test • Isothermal amplification • Droplet Digital PCR or digital droplet PCR (ddPCR) • Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR)

Testing locations prior to departure from Papeete offering the approved tests. For travelers who could not carry out their test before reaching the international airport, antigenic testing is available at Tahiti Faa’a Airport. Hours of operation from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on every day of an International flight to the United States.

Passengers may also obtain a test at the Louis Malardé Institute In Papeete. Their website address is listed here and their hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday to Friday and 7:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. Saturdays. Appointment not necessary.

For passengers on the island of Moorea, a test may be obtained at The Moorea Laboratory open 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. Monday to Friday and 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. Saturday. To make an appointment, please visit

For more information please click HERE.

The exact details of the CDC requirement may be found by clicking here.

In the event of a positive test result, CDC rules prohibit onward travel to the United States. Passengers must then the follow the protocol and rules of the Ministry of Health, which require up to a 10-day quarantine at the traveler’s expense. If in quarantine due to a positive test result, at such time the Covid-19 test is negative, travel may resume. Click here for details on quarantine.


Travellers will be required to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) in order to transit Vancouver. It is mandatory to apply for this authorization before departure.

Nationals of a number of countries must obtain their Visa from a Canadian Embassy. For more information and to check if you need a specific visa to travel/transit to Canada, please consult the official Canadian immigration website.

Although an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is required for transit to Vancouver, the health and other entry requirements imposed by the Canadian government do not apply to transit travelers.

To obtain an ETA for transit through Canada, you must apply for an ETA online.

All information is to be checked regularly on the Canadian government website:

What is an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)?

The ETA is a new entry requirement for foreign nationals from a visa-exempt country who are travelling to Canada by air. The ETA is an electronic document that is linked to your passport and remains valid for five years, or until your passport expires, whichever comes first.

Countries and territories whose citizens require an AVE to travel to Canada

As of March 15, 2016, citizens of the following countries and territories will need an EV before they can board a plane to Canada.

Andorra; Antigua and Barbuda; Australia; Austria; Bahamas; Barbados; Belgium; Brunei Darussalam; Chile; Cyprus; British citizens; British citizens abroad who are re-admissible to the United Kingdom; British citizens abroad who obtained their citizenship by birth on British soil, by descent, by naturalization or by registration in one of the British Overseas Territories:  Anguilla – Bermuda – Gibraltar – Pitcairn Island – Cayman Islands – Falkland Islands- Turks and Caicos Islands – British Virgin Islands – Montserrat – St. Helena; Croatia; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; France; Greece; Hungary; Iceland; Ireland; Italy; Japan; Solomon Islands; Spain; Latvia, Republic of Liechtenstein; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Malta; Monaco; Netherlands; New Zealand; Norway; Papua New Guinea; Poland; Portugal; Federal Republic of Germany; Republic of Korea; San Marino; Samoa; Singapore; Slovakia; Slovenia; Solomon Islands; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland

U.S. citizens and travelers with a valid Canadian visa are exempt from obtaining an AEO. 

Canadian citizens, including dual nationals, and permanent residents of Canada do not need to apply for an AVE.

How do I apply for an ETA?

Applying for an ETA is an easy process that can be completed online in minutes. To apply, you must have:

  • a valid passport 

You can only apply once per person. For example, for a family of three, you will need to complete and submit three forms. 

For more information, please visit :


In the context of the crisis related to the COVID-19 pandemic, TAHITI EXPERIENCES has committed to Tahiti Tourism to apply a common and united commercial policy by proposing modifications without penalty or refund without charge within 12 months from the initial date of stay in case of cancellation.

The specifics of the agreement apply to cancellations and change requests for any new reservation made between May 1, 2020 and March 31, 2022 for travel within French Polynesia between July 15, 2020 and March 31, 2022 – with the exception of group requests.

The cancellation or change fees will be waived in the case of :

  • A general and strict lock down in the client's country of residence,
  • The inability to travel to French Polynesia due to the closure of the borders in transit stops,
  • A general and strict lock down in French Polynesia,
  • The inability to travel to French Polynesia for a traveler whose Covid-19 test preceding departure was found to be positive,
  • The inability to a stay in French Polynesia for a traveler declared positive while in French Polynesia

In the event of a request for cancellation or modification of reservations except in the cases defined above, standard conditions apply. See booking terms & conditions.

Given this exceptional situation, TAHITI EXPERIENCES still strongly recommends that our clients have a Travel Protection Plan or Travel Insurance, which takes into account the epidemic risk associated with COVID-19, when traveling.


TAHITI EXPERIENCES invites you to follow and respect the usual barrier gestures, recommended by the Ministry of Tourism and Health Department of French Polynesia :

“The Health Department updates its recommendations regularly to protect your health and recommends the right things to do against the COVID-19”

During your Stay
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory (from the age of 11 years old) in establishments open to the public, in open-air public spaces, in shops, at the airport, at the ferry terminals as well as on public transport.
  • Respecting prevention measures at all times and in all places;
  • In case of a change of itinerary, travelers should update the “itinerary” part of their file on the website;
  • Self-diagnosis of visitors: in case of doubt on the traveler’s state of health (fever and/or flu symptoms), they are required to contact the reception of their accommodations and/or call directly to (+689) 40 455 000. If they feel any sign of distress, they should dial “15” (emergency services);
  • Depending on the diagnosis made by the Health Authorities, follow their instructions which may include isolation measures and / or carrying out an additional RT-PCR test.
  • Respect of a minimum distance of 1 meter between people at all times.
  • Wash hands frequently and insistently with water and liquid soap.
  • Sneeze and cough into your elbow
  • Do not touch your face without first cleaning your hands.
  • Always use a disposable handkerchief and dispose of it.
  • Greet each other without shaking hands or kissing.
  • Wear a mask at all times if you are within 1 meter of another person.
  • Remaining vigilant towards fragile and vulnerable people

Just a few words,

The global health challenge we all are living at the present time is unprecedented. However, each one of us are reminded what really matters such as protecting ourselves with simple actions, participating in the fight against the epidemic by respecting the current sanitary measures and many more.

The health and safety of all have always been at the core priority of TAHITI EXPERIENCES and even more so today. Please be assured that we will do everything we can to complete successfully the missions of the agency. Jointly with the local authorities and all our partners, we will provide regular updates of all current and future measures and recommendations.

It is with the support of all health forces and your efforts in this trying time that we will beat the Covid-19 – all together.

On this optimistic note, I wish to tell you how much we look forward to welcoming you again into our Islands! 

Thank you, Mauru’uru,

Teriitahi, Herald NANAI
General Manager

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